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IPhone 5S 6 5C What Weve Heard So Far Rumour REPACK

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IPhone 5S 6 5C What Weve Heard So Far Rumour REPACK

This isn't the first time we've heard talk of a 4-inch metal iPhone. The analysts at Jeffries wrote at the end of June that Apple could be creating a low-cost metal iPhone with a 4-inch screen that would be called the iPhone 6C to be released in 2016. The note from Jefferies, however, didn't mention whether or not the phone would have the same components and design as the iPhone 6. Arcuri has also mentioned that Apple could be working on a new 4-inch iPhone in a previous note to clients from December.

SAP also claims that the metal portions of the iPhone 15 will be made with titanium, rather than aluminum and steel like current non-Pro and Pro iPhones respectively use. This isn't the first time we've heard this rumor for the iPhone 15, but equally there have been titanium iPhone rumors going back some years, so we remain a bit skeptical that Apple would use this expensive material for its handsets.

Prior to the iPhone 5s launch, I heard a rumor that Apple would move to a 64-bit architecture with its A7 SoC. I initially discounted the rumor given the pain of moving to 64-bit from a validation standpoint and the upside not being worth it. Obviously, I was wrong.

We've also heard other whispers, pointing to a new processor, a larger battery, camera improvements, a higher resolution display and even more outlandish rumours suggesting the possibility of a sapphire screen.

While Apple is seemingly giving users some choice when it comes to iPhone size, even the smaller of the two rumoured upcoming models is substantially bigger than the iPhone 5S, as you can see in this image from, where a 4.7 inch dummy unit is put up against its predecessor.

While the rumoured 4.7 inch model is a significant increase in size over the 4.0 inch iPhone 5S, it's still a little smaller than the 5.1 inch Samsung Galaxy S5 and the 5.0 inch HTC One M8, as shown in the above comparison courtesy of 9to5Mac.

Of course for those who've been longing for a truly enormous iPhone there's always the rumoured 5.5-inch model, which is verging on phablet territory, as you can see in the image above from Jimmy Lin's Weibo page.

In an effort to differentiate it from the 4.7-inch handset it's rumoured that the bigger one will be called the 'iPhone Air', which also reflects the fact that it supposedly comes in at a super-slim 6.7mm thick according to leaked schematics, compared to the 7mm thickness of the smaller variant.

There are conflicting rumours as to exactly what resolution we'll see, but the most convincing is probably a 1704 x 960 screen on both handsets, which would give the 4.7 inch model a pixel density of 416 ppi and the 5.5 inch phone a pixel density of 355 ppi, both of which are higher than the 326 ppi iPhone 5S.

While it should be more powerful, with rumours pointing to speeds of 2GHz, it will hopefully have far better battery life too. That's a good thing in our books, as battery life is arguably the biggest problem currently faced by smartphones, and the iPhone suffers in this department more than most.

Along with rumours of a more efficient processor, this new power pack could lead to vastly improved battery life; however the handsets will also probably be bigger and more powerful, so it remains to be seen whether Apple will actually manage to boost their endurance.

The dummy photo of the casing, above and shared by 9to5Mac, doesn't reveal much about the camera, but there've been rumours of increased megapixel counts in the iPhone 6, though we're more inclined to believe reports that Apple will keep it at 8 megapixels.

That needn't be bad news, as there are also rumours that the new handset will have a larger sensor and bigger pixels to let more light in and that the 5.5 inch model will even have optical image stabilisation, so even with the same number of megapixels the iPhone 6 could be substantially more adept at taking photos.

That's Cosmopolitan magazine, which has sent its deputy features editor over to see what's happening. (They're beefing up their gadgets coverage, apparently.) And what would they think if the rumours are correct, and the next iPhones come in multiple colours "That would be really popular," we're told. So perhaps Apple is going to take the same tack as it did with the iPod mini (which was available in multiple colours, and was a huge hit with women). Of course, colours will then look like a completely obvious thing to do. The challenge is always handling how many of each colour to produce. You don't want to be left with people demanding strawberry red when you've got a few thousand lime green out the back..

The keynote kicks off in California, streamed to a sister event in Berlin, at 6pm BST (10am PST). We'll be here until then and beyond, sharing every rumour nugget, insightful news line and weighty analysis we can muster.

As for the design itself, we have heard that the notch is shrinking and at least one model of the new iPhone 13 could have a truly sportless design. It is actually possible now that we have MagSafe loading. Finally, we could see the always-on display. Now let's move on to what we already know from the rumors about the new iPhone 13.

We know the iPhone 12 peaks at 20W charging, and we haven't heard any rumors about charging speeds this year. Instead, we've heard some bad news. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 13 probably won't include reverse wireless charging, which would allow the iPhone to charge devices like the AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.

As analyst Benedict Evans noted, "people really ought to have learned that supply chain production volume rumours for iPhones are worthless," adding, "the 5c could be a total flop but supply chain rumours wouldn't tell us either way. Too many variables."

We have not heard of anyone using Apple Pay via NFC on any iPad. Additionally, we are not aware of any NFC functionality beyond Apple Pay on any Apple device. Have you done this yourself, or do you just have better sources

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