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How to Use IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1 with Icom Radios

If you are looking for a way to remotely control your Icom radio from another room or even from another location over the Internet, you might be interested in the IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1. This software allows you to access most functions and modes of your Icom compatible transceiver, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings. You can also enjoy low voice latency and high quality audio over an IP network. However, you might also be wondering how to get this software for free or at a low cost, and whether it is safe to use a cracked version of it. In this article, we will answer these questions and provide some tips on how to use the RS-BA1 software with your Icom radio.

What is IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1

IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1 is a software application developed by Icom America Inc. that allows you to remotely operate a selected Icom transceiver from another room or remote location using your home network or the Internet. The software consists of two components: the Remote Utility and the Remote Control. The Remote Utility runs on the PC connected to the radio and acts as a server, while the Remote Control runs on the PC that you use to control the radio and acts as a client. You can also use an optional RC-28 Remote Control USB Encoder to have a tactile option for tuning and PTT functions.

The RS-BA1 software supports various Icom radios, such as the IC-9700, IC-7851, IC-7610, IC-7300, IC-7100, IC-705, IC-718, and IC-78. Depending on the transceiver model, some functions or modes may not be available or may require a firmware update. You can check the function compatibility chart on the official website of Icom America[^1^] for more details.

How to Get IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1

The official way to get the IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1 is to purchase it from an authorized Icom dealer or online retailer. The software comes with a CD-ROM that contains the installation files and an instruction manual. You will also need a product ID that is printed on a sticker inside the CD case. The product ID is required to activate the software after installation.

The current version of the software is Version 2, which adds more features and improvements compared to Version 1. Some of these features include:

Rx Voice recording function

[MUTE] button

RIT tuning knob and ÎTX functions

SUB dial

Dualwatch operation and dual spectrum scopes with waterfall functions (only for IC-7851, IC-7850 and IC-7610)

The price of the RS-BA1 Version 2 software varies depending on the seller, but it is usually around $100 USD. You can also upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2 for a lower price if you already have a valid product ID for Version 1.

Is It Safe to Use a Cracked Version of IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1

Some people may be tempted to use a cracked version of IP Remote Control Software RS-BA1 instead of buying it legally. A cracked version is a modified version of the software that bypasses the activation process or uses a fake product ID. You may find some websites that offer free downloads of cracked versions of RS-BA1 or claim to have working product IDs for it.

However, using a cracked version of RS-BA1 is not recommended for several reasons:

It is illegal and unethical. You are violating the intellectual property rights of Icom America Inc. and potentially exposing yourself to legal consequences.

It is risky and unreliable. You cannot be sure that the cracked version of RS-BA1 is safe to download and install on your PC. It may contain viruses, malware, spyware, or other harmful programs that can damage your system or compromise your privacy and security. It may also not work properly or cause errors or conflicts with your radio or other software. 061ffe29dd


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