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Waylon Hernandez
Waylon Hernandez

Hola (4).rar

Academic Explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language - The eleventh-volume "Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language," which was published in 1970 - 1980, became the first explanatory dictionary of the Ukrainian language in the history. Almost all modern Ukrainian explanatory dictionaries are based on it, in particular the "Great Dictionary of Contemporary Ukrainian Language" and the updated "Dictionary of the Ukrainian language in 20 volumes", published by the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2010. The dictionary is made up by a large team of scholars by Ukrainian literature from the time of Kotlyarevsky until 1980. Below majority of interpretations in the dictionary, real cases are adduced for the use of words that illustrate its meaning. Despite the obligatory political engagement at the time of its release, this Dictionary is an indisputable treasure of domestic lexicography.

hola (4).rar

After a longer time I created a new SnD - version 2.2 - by request from our board member DMichael. Normally I still do not like to use Olly 2 version [many basic features missing / changed etc] but anyway... I have taken some time to create all patches in OllyDbg 2.01h like in my older version + some little more checks etc. So now you can use this version with Windows 8 [testing done by DMichael - thanks again] without any problems. If there are any problems with ASLR (for example) then you will get a message with info about the problem and what to do. I also changed the look a little, maybe you like it as I do. All is ready to go and is setup by me [.ini file like I prefer] so that you can start directly after unpacking the .rar file. Some information can be read in the info text file.Have fun with the new 2.2 version [odbg201h] and post some feedback on the board if you like it or if there is any problem.Modifications:

hola a todos, es un agrado haber encontrado un foro en español, queria preguntarles, me gustaria usar tklub 17 con hook 5 pero no se que pasos seguir, si alguien me ayuda a instalarlo bien le pago jeje, de verdad, les agradeceria su ayuda. 041b061a72


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