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Buy Square Reader Near Me

Despite the recent changes in the credit card processing industry, Square still includes one free Square Reader for Magstripe with each new account. Two options are currently available: a reader with a Lightning connector for use on iOS/iPadOS devices, and a reader with a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack (which presumably would work on older iPhones or Android devices).

buy square reader near me


Businesses that have higher-ticket sales should avoid using the Square free reader, except as a backup means of processing a transaction. We strongly suggest that businesses with higher risks of chargebacks and higher ticket prices go for an EMV-compliant reader, such as the Square Contactless + Chip Reader, so that you can get better protection from fraud and chargebacks. Although the Square Terminal is more expensive, it allows you to print paper receipts and integrates with other devices, such as a cash drawer or the Square Point of Sale system.

Low-volume, smaller-ticket businesses and those that only occasionally need to accept a credit/debit card payment are less likely to have any issues with the magstripe reader. However, we strongly suggest upgrading to the EMV chip reader to future-proof your payments setup and protect you from fraud. Overall, the free reader and the robust features that Square offers make them an excellent value for lower-volume small businesses.

After you set up a Square account and verify your identity, you will be prompted to select which Square hardware you need. You can also purchase readers through a variety of retailers and then complete the account signup process; Square offers a $10 reimbursement code with these devices.

Your on-the-go business needs to accept a wide range of payment options. Use this Square credit card reader to ensure that your customers can safely choose virtually any form of card payment that they want to use while providing them with the peace of mind of encrypted transactions.

Take card and mobile payments wherever and whenever with Square Reader. Running your business just got easier. The Square card reader is compatible with chip + PIN and contactless cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Chip + PIN and contactless transactions are charged at 1.75 percent per transaction, with keyed-in or online transactions costing 2.5 percent. Please note that this product does not work in: The Republic of Ireland, The Isle of Man, Jersey (Channel Island) or Guernsey (Channel Island).

Where can I buy a Square card reader? You can find the Square reader at major retail stores, including Target, Meijer, Walmart, and Walgreens. You may also find them at your local cellphone store, including AT&T, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular.

With Square, merchants pay a flat rate of 2.6% + $0.10 for swipe, dip, and tap transactions, 2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions, and 3.5% + $0.15 for keyed-in transactions. It offers a free mobile reader, web store, and virtual terminal. There is no contract and no monthly fee.

I just purchased a new mag-stripe reader at Wall mart, and the redeem code won't be accepted on my Square site. I swiped $1.00 to test it and it works, and now would like to get the $10 redemption. Please advise.

We'd love to get a free card reader in your hands! If you're new and haven't ordered a free reader yet you can get a Square reader from a retail location near you. The $10 you spend on a magstripe reader will be reimbursed as a $10 credit to your account when you redeem a code after purchase.

I signed up in Dec 2015. I'm not sure why but I never received a card reader. Will someone contact me and let me know what I need to do to receive one? My email is [PERSONAL INFO REDACTED]. Thanks Janine

Credit card readers are hardware that accept and process payments along with point-of-sale (POS) software. They can be countertop terminals, mobile devices, or readers that plug into smartphones and tablets. The best debit and credit card readers offer flexible payment options, are affordable and easy to use, and work seamlessly with POS software.

Looking for something more specific? Check out our rundown of the best credit card readers for iPhones and Androids. Many of our recommended card readers also offer some of the leading mobile POS apps on the market.

  • Square Terminal: Best Overall Credit Card Reader for Small Business Overall Score: 4.45 / 5RATING CRITERIAPricing 3.88 / 5Hardware Features 4.50 / 5Processing Features 5.00 / 5Ease of Use 4.25 / 5Expert Score 4.69 / 5ProsPortable, all-in-one POS, and card reader

  • Affordable installment plan

  • Can integrate with a custom or third-party POS

  • Free POS, inventory, and customer management tools

  • ConsInstallment plans not available in certain states

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

  • Limited customer service

Read full Square Payments review

Affordable payment plans, portability, and compatibility with a variety of hardware and software tools make Square Terminal an excellent choice for most business credit card readers. However, the hardware is expensive, and the installment plan is unavailable in certain states.

This particular Square credit card reader fared better in pricing compared to Square Terminal, but fell behind for card reader features, lacking swipe payment capabilities and user interface tools such as a pin pad and screen display (features available with SumUp Plus).

The Square Chip and Contactless reader is one of the most popular and reliable mobile card readers in the industry. While it does not have a swipe payment feature, Square offers one free magstripe reader to new merchant accounts.

There are not a lot of countertop card readers in the market similar to Square Register. Clover Station Solo is sold as a kit and starts at $1,349, while Payanywhere supports Smart Flex and Smart POS+, which also feature a customer display with a card reader functionality. However, even with an installment plan, you will end up spending between $49.95 to $99.95 for setup and $19.95 to $39.95 per month for software. As a result, neither of these systems made the list after our evaluations.

  • SumUp Plus: Most Affordable 3-in-1 Card Reader for Mobile Sales Overall Score: 4.34 / 5RATING CRITERIAPricing 4.25 / 5Hardware Features 5.00 / 5Processing Features 4.75 / 5 Ease of Use 2.88 / 5Expert Score 4.06 / 5ProsAccepts swipe, tap, and dip payments

  • Most affordable 3-in-1 card reader with PIN pad

  • Zero fixed cost ($) fee per transaction

  • ConsLacks in-person invoice payments

  • Does not work with high-risk businesses

  • Complaints on fund holds and freezes

Read full SumUp review

SumUp Plus is a 3-in-1 mobile card reader that also comes with a PIN pad and free payment app. It allows users to accept swiped, tapped, and dipped payments along with NFC/ peer-to-peer payment methods, such as digital wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay. Like Square, it fits in your back pocket, so you can easily take it to accept payments at farmers markets or for deliveries. An optional dock is also available if you prefer a countertop setup.

Before SumUp, there were no mobile card readers that offered swipe, chip, and contactless payment methods plus a PIN pad. And with its current price point, SumUp Plus is the most affordable mobile card reader in our list, providing the best match for small, mobile merchants on a budget. However, SumUp still has to address the poor user reviews for its payment app.

The Helcim card reader is a 2-in-1 mobile payment processing device with a PIN pad. It accepts EMV chip, contactless, and digital wallet payments through the Helcim payment app installed on iOS or Android mobile devices. The card reader also comes with a dock if users prefer a countertop setup. Helcim stands out for its interchange plus pricing method with zero monthly fees.

Savings on monthly fees make up for what is, by far, the most expensive mobile card reader option on our list. Like Square and SumUp, Helcim does not charge a monthly subscription to use its payment processing service. However, the volume-based interchange-plus rate not only provides users with discounts as their transactions grow, but the lower transaction rates are also automatic. Other providers impose a sales volume limit and will require merchants to submit a request for review before they can be approved for lower payment processing fees.

The Square Stand comes with a built-in card reader that allows you to accept EMV chip and contactless payments. You also get a free magnetic stripe reader, which you can clip to the stand if you also want to accept card swipe transactions. The Square Mount, a version of the Square Stand, is also available for users looking for an affordable self-service kiosk setup.

With the original version of this hardware, the Square Contactless and Chip reader is connected to the Square Stand via a card reader dock with hardwire connection to the stand. This was one of the main reasons why it was not included in our earlier roundups.

However, with this latest upgrade, the card reader functions are now built-in with the hardware (similar to Square Register), making it the only device designed specifically for iPads that made our list. The new Square Stand offers a cleaner swivel than the previous version and new customer-facing display features. Meanwhile, the Square Mount is ideal for merchants looking for a self-service checkout setup.

The Clover Go is a 3-in-1 mobile card reader that accepts swipe, dip, tap, and NFC payments. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices. It even allows you to keep taking payments while offline. Clover Go can send digital customer receipts and keep track of your sales, and the app adds inventory management tools you can access from your mobile device. 041b061a72


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