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Rufus 3.0.1304 Released

Download File =====

Rufus 3.0.1304: A Fast and Easy Way to Create Bootable USB Drives

If you need to create a bootable USB drive from an ISO file, you might want to try Rufus, a small and free utility that can help you with this task. Rufus is a simple but powerful tool that can format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys, memory sticks, etc. It supports a wide range of ISO files, including Windows, Linux, UEFI, and DOS.

Rufus has recently released its latest version, 3.0.1304, which comes with a redesigned user interface that follows the flow of user operations[^1^]. It also drops support for Windows XP and Vista, adds support for ARM64 for UEFI:NTFS, fixes some issues with Linux ISOs and floppy drives, and improves translation support[^1^]. You can download Rufus 3.0.1304 from its official website[^2^] or from Neowin[^1^], where you can also find more details about the changelog.

Rufus is fast and easy to use. You just need to select your USB drive, choose the ISO file you want to use, and click on Start. Rufus will do the rest for you. You can also customize some options, such as partition scheme, file system, cluster size, volume label, etc. Rufus can also check your USB drive for errors or bad blocks before creating the bootable media.

With Rufus, you can create USB installation media for various operating systems, flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS, or run a low-level utility[^2^]. Rufus is an open source software that does not require installation or internet connection. It is portable and lightweight, with a file size of about 1 MB[^1^]. Rufus is compatible with Windows 7 or later, 32 or 64 bit[^3^].

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to create bootable USB drives from ISO files, you should give Rufus a try. Rufus 3.0.1304 is the latest version of this handy tool that can help you run a new operating system on your computer in just a few minutes.

How to Use Rufus to Create a Bootable USB Drive

Rufus is very easy to use, as it only requires a few clicks to create a bootable USB drive from an ISO file. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Download Rufus from its official website[^2^] or from any trusted source. You can choose between the regular installer or the portable version that does not require installation.

Run Rufus and insert your USB drive into your computer. Rufus will automatically detect your USB drive and display its details in the Device section.

Select the ISO file you want to use by clicking on the SELECT button next to Boot selection. You can also drag and drop the ISO file into Rufus.

Choose the partition scheme and target system type for your USB drive. Rufus will automatically select the best options based on your ISO file and your computer's BIOS or UEFI mode. However, you can change them if you want.

Optionally, you can customize other settings, such as volume label, file system, cluster size, etc. You can also check for bad blocks or enable quick format.

Click on START to begin the process of creating a bootable USB drive. Rufus will warn you that all data on your USB drive will be erased. Click on OK to confirm and proceed.

Wait for Rufus to finish copying the files from the ISO file to your USB drive. This may take some time depending on the size of the ISO file and the speed of your USB drive.

Click on CLOSE when Rufus is done. You can now eject your USB drive and use it to boot or install your desired operating system.

How to Use Rufus to Create Windows To Go USB

Rufus can also create Windows To Go USB drives, which allow you to run Windows 10 or 8.1 directly from a USB drive without installing it on your hard disk. This is useful for testing or troubleshooting purposes, or for using Windows on different computers. To create a Windows To Go USB drive with Rufus, you need:

A Windows 10 or 8.1 ISO file that supports Windows To Go feature. You can download it from Microsoft's website or use Rufus's built-in download feature.

An empty USB drive with at least 32 GB o


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