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I saw your geocoding plugin for lightroom (v4 for me)> Unfortunately Icannot geocode from GE. As Google has change the way to works with maps years ago, is it in your pkan to move from google to openstreetmaps for getting info for geocoding

My question(s) are:1) how does you plugin handle custom order in the synced companion collection:2) is there any way to integrate my custom order if I implement your plugin or would I need to manually custom order them again, given I could custom order them (see question 1).

Collections can contain images, while collection sets can contain collections and other collection sets. It's different from the normal file/folder hierarchy on disk because images can only go into collections, and not into collection sets.This makes it inconvenient and unnatural to mapping between how you must organize images within the plugin and howthe plugin writes them out to folders and files on disk, so I've built two ways to do it; hopefully at least one will make sense...

When creating a collection or collection set with this plugin, you havethe option to mirror a collection or anentire hierarchy of collections. When one collection is mirrored fromanother, the plugin semi-automatically keeps the set of photos inone updated to reflect any changes in the other.

Work around a bug in Lightroom 11.2 that causes publishing to get stuck. The workaround is to switch the view away from the collection being published. If the user does that switch manually, the bug goes away. This plugin update notices if the bug is being triggered, and if so, momentarily switches the view to the quick collection and back.

Updated the PublishCollectionName token (and CollectionNames and CollectionFullNames) to remove the MIRROR: prefix from the name that mirrored collections within my Collection Publisher plugin automatically get.

Reason/background for my request:I have a media server at home with LR Classic, and two Android devices (phone and tablet) that I use in the field. Photos are imported from camera to LR CC and synced to the media server. Your Smart-Collection Sync plugin syncs selected smart collections back to LR CC on regular intervals. This supports my initial culling of photos in the field. Pictures marked as candidates for publishing (to e.g. Facebook) are watermarked in low right corner with a PNG file containing my signature. This can (as of now) only be done in LR Classic. To support that, I use the Collection-Publisher to export the pics to local disk OneDrive folder, which in turn is synced back to my mobile phone by OneSync from

Therefore, I use the filename to indicate sequence. The standard export service can add sequence numbers, but the big problem with lightroom in the standard version is that the sequence number is not constant when you do multiple exports. Multiple exports can easily happen when I notice, for example, a typo in a caption, or I add tags later (people, places etc.). But LR will number from 001 on a new export, so a file which is number 20 in a sequence will not be 020_IMG1234, but 001_IMG1234 during the second export, therefore creating a duplicate, messing up the sequence, and the only way to solve it is to do a full export of the whole collection.

Hi JeffreyThanks for providing this plugin, I am trying to get it to work. Everything works fine with one exception: The order of the images in the mirrored Collection Sets does not match the order of the Lightroom collections. What could be the reason

Both beginning and advanced photographers will find the different plugins useful. The collection includes everything from basic one-click filters to advanced adjustments and precise masking techniques. All are built with the same advanced technology.

Silver Efex Pro 3 is a brilliant program/plugin for those who specialize in black and white photography. Like the other Nik Collection programs, Silver Efex Pro 3 enables you to create B&W shots via a large collection of presets or wit


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