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This paper presents a study on fracture mechanisms of polycarbonate (PC)/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) (50/50) blends with different ABS types under a drop weight impact test (DWIT) using a circular sheet specimen. Formation of secondary crack indicated by a stress-whitening layer on the mid-plane of scattered specimens and secondary surface of fracture perpendicular to primary fracture surface were captured under scanning electron microscope (SEM). Although the both blends finally failed in brittle modes, SEM observation showed that their secondary fracture mechanisms were completely different. Observation through the thickness of the etched PC/ABS specimen samples using SEM also clearly showed that PC and ABS were immiscible. The immiscibility between PC and ABS was indicated by presence of their layer structures through the thickness of the blends. It was revealed that layer of ABS structure was influenced by size of rubber particle and this latter parameter then affected microstructure and fracture mechanisms of the blends. Impact-induced fracture mechanisms of the blends due to such microstructures are discussed in this paper. It was also pointed out that the secondary cracking was likely caused by interface delamination between PC and ABS layers in the core due to transverse shear stress generated during the impact test.

Monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein production benefits greatly from bovine serum as an additive. The caveat is that bovine serum IgG, co-purifies with mAbs and IgG Fc-containing fusion proteins and it presents a contaminant in the end products. In order to analytically validate the products, species specific reagents are needed that react with bovine IgG exclusively. Our attempts to find such commercially available reagents failed. Here, we report the production of species specific mAbs which recognize bovine IgG even in the presence of excess amount of mouse IgG. We present five mAbs: Bsi4028, Bsi4032, Bsi4033, Bsi4034 and Bsi4035 suitable to determine the presence of bovine IgG contamination via ELISA or immunoblotting in bioreactor derived mouse mAb preparations. To quantitate bovine IgG content we developed sensitive sandwich ELISAs capable to detect bovine IgG contaminant in the ng/ml (10 -11 M/l) range. Finally, we show that bovine IgG is efficiently removed from bioreactor produced mouse mAb preparation via affinity depletion columns prepared with Bsi4028, Bsi4032, Bsi4033, Bsi4034, Bsi4035 mAbs. Copyright 2016. Published by Elsevier B.V.


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