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Josiah Thomas
Josiah Thomas

Hooklift Chassis 1.46

This mod gives you new hooklift chassis variant for SCS Renault T trucks. Features: 2 containers (with template (located in archive)) standard tuning (fenders, sidewall, rear lights) liftable/steerable axle advanced coupling clean log missing in interior PTO panel known issue (trailer cables dont work and I gave up this fight after half a day of solving where is problem) Chassis have own definition, so there are no conflicts with other mods Compatible with truck mod Renaul T, C, K by Aryan, i just create new definition for it Compatible with any mods Update for Credits mirusox

Hooklift chassis 1.46

Body: HYVA hooklift system (roll-off tipper) with hook height "City-Lift" 90 cm DIN 30722 part 3. Hydraulic oil supply from the traction unit, three double-acting control units required 1st function: pick-up or tip container, 2nd function: push container forwards or backwards resp., 3rd function: lock container hydraulically/ operating pressure 200 bar

Operating principle: When picking-up or tipping the container, the air bellows of the trailer are being deflated, the chassis lowers automatically and supports itself on the rear axle. This results in four advantages: The pick-up angle is reduced, the lifting capacity is increased, the negative tongue load at the drawbar is being minimised and the stability improved. The standard push arm of the hooklift system ensures additionally a low pick-up angle and enables the transport of differently long containers.INFO: The desired roll-off tipper must be suitable for the hooklift system, e.g. in terms of hook seat, locking device our container length. Let us advise you comprehensively about this! 041b061a72


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