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In recent years, many landslides have occurred in Vietnam, particularly in the Northern mountainous region during the rainy season from May to October. On the morning of October 12, 2017, the Khanh waterfall landslide in Khanh Village, Hoa Binh Province, Northern Vietnam occurred. The landslide killed eighteen people and destroyed five houses. Topographical and geological surveys were conducted around the area to determine its causes. The rainfall data and flow discharge were also analyzed. The results showed that this collapse was different from some previous ones collapsed due to the erosion at the toe of the slope. Khanh waterfall landslide occurred due to the increasing amount of water in cracks and caves in the limestone layer in the slope. The collapse process was simulated based on Coulomb mixture theory. The numerical simulation results show similarities with the actual collapse process. The results provide indicators for assessing the risk of such limestone waterfall landslides in the future.

The river is littered with limestone boulders as landslide moving masses as well as stalactite rubble rich in cavities. They were probably formed by groundwater in cracks and cavities in the limestone. It is considered that the permeability of such shale and limestone itself is low. However, the slope of these strata forming a layered structure is almost vertical from 70 to 80. Moreover, there were many cracks and cavities in the limestone layer. Hence, surface water easily penetrated into cracks and cavities in the limestone layer.

To explain slope instability, the method from Hoek and Bray (1974) is used. A simply modified theoretical models of plane slope failures in Khanh waterfall is drawn in Fig. 13. It is assumed that there are many cracks and caves in the limestone layer in Khanh waterfall slope. The water in cracks and caves is from the upper stream network channel of Khanh waterfall. The factor of safety against the sliding block was calculated as follows:

It is assumed that when heavy rain, the surface water flowed into the void in the cracks and cavities in the limestone layer. This amount of water increased the water pressure that destroys the slope. The specific calculation of the factor of safety was not considered in this study. However, to simulate the slope collapse due to a large amount of water in the limestone layer corresponding to the peak flow discharge, the simulation method to predict the behavior of grain-fluid flows due to slope collapse (Zhang et al. 2004) is applied in this study. This method assumes that grain-fluid flows behave as mixtures of interaction of Newtonian fluids and Coulomb solids. The equations that describe the mixtures based on Coulomb mixture theory (Denlinger and Iverson 2001). In order to exactly predict the range of sediment, the momentum equation was discretized by the finite difference method with applied a stop condition of grain-fluid flow, the third-order upwind scheme, and the preserving mass conservation method to the numerical model (Zhang et al. 2004).

Overflow water on the top of Khanh waterfall flowed into the cracks and underground caves of the limestone layer (Fig. 17A, B). The water in cracks and underground caves increased the uplift water force and driving water force (Fig. 13). The increasing of destabilizing forces caused the slope to fail. The collapsed surface was the fault between the limestone layer and the shale layer (Fig. 18). The limestone blocks at the top of slope moved together with the talus deposit at the toe of slope. This mixture crossed the river and passed over the opposite hill. The large and fast moving mass destroyed five houses and killed eighteen people at the opposite hill. The collapse process was simulated based o


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