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PATTON: And that's the same question with a lot of pieces around the world, and hopefully, we're gonna hear more about it with the successes in the UK about how are people screening children who are at risk for gang involvement. Because if we're not thinking about those school-to-college transitions, then in fact the unintended consequences are they're gonna have much more lasting implications and much bigger repercussions that we always think about.

PATTON: Most of the profiles are just block quotes, from reported tipsters. And so they're going on and on and on about what they've done in the past and what it was like then. And the time being, it's not about them. It's not about their account being approved and what they're viewing. It's just about cops and prosecutors being able to go back and re-reading and seeing what they did and seeing what they can see is happening now.

PATTON: The other part of the book that we're very, very excited about is its accessibility. And so the number of photographs is so few in number and so few pages per document, that it makes it very accessible and user-friendly. You can be on one page and go on to the next without having to flip back and forth.

PATTON: And then there's also the photographs themselves. They're just really beautiful. And so that, along with the profile of the individuals and all of the quotes, it kind of gives a portrait of what's going on in our city in a way that I think will be helpful for all of us.

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