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I'm still getting pokemon x but from the reviews across the web are like 9 8,...7!Many are saying the pixelation and frame rate are bad, but c'mon its pokemon, your not buying it for the stellar graphics... 8 more days...

As for the game, Obviously I'm getting it. By the way I wonder which version will Murkrow, Metagross, Scizor, Pinsir, Heracross, Chandelure, Pinsir, Starmie, Pelipper, Ninjask and the previous gen pokemon will show up on. I want to get Y because of the design of the pokemon.

@XxGame_LoverXx It's a matter of preference. Which guy do you like better on the box That's the legendary you'll be getting. A couple other exclusives, including charizard and and mewtwo's different mega evolutions, are all that are different. Look at the pokemon each version has and decide what appeals to you.

are HMs back and if so in what capacity nothing is more annoying then having a super bad donkey pokemon only to have to find a PC to switch out with something that can cut a small twig blocking your path... or limiting your moveset to allow your flying pokemon the ability to fly.

I have been with the series since it's inception, and am very excited to see them in 3D finally! Everything else could suck in the game and the 3D pokemon would still make it the most anticipated game of all time.

@XxGame_LoverXx Well in addition to the gen 5 starters you'll get your pick of gen 1 pokemon starters as well. I don't know which game, if either, or both, will have pikachu. Whatever old pokemon they have will be split evenly between the two games, X may have vulpix while Y may have growlithe. We just have to wait and see when they come out.

@superconsole I was wondering, how big would you say this region is compared to the other regions And also, how even spaced is the encounter of new and old pokemon I know you see both, but do you see newer more or older more Or is it evenly spaced

Everyone who has the guts to say this game has bad graphics should take a look at what they have said. Do you guys realize pokemon started out in black and white and had basically no outlines of anything. Then they added color and some detail. They added more detail. If your going to complain complain about the others this has the best graphics of all and not to mention it is in 3D. Pokemon has taken a huge leap forward and usually it takes them like three years to release a game. It has only been a year. Just remember

but ever since 3rd gen, and each gen after that has always had some place you'd only have access to after beating the pokemon league having tournament level cap with enemy trainers pokemon within it having real life strategies for them and the AI is actually very smart and it takes some skill to beat them, those are when the games post an serious challenge 153554b96e


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