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Waylon Hernandez

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the first diver sat up on the boat deck and stated he was fine, but then lay on the deck in a dazed condition. as noted above, the diver who came up first had damaged his spinal cord by being suspended upside down for a lengthy period.

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the helicopter landed at the p&c deep sea salvage vessel at 0400, where the diver was conscious and mobile. he was treated for several hours and then taken by ambulance to the clinic where he was released after initial exam. at 1800 the helicopter was again dispatched to pick up the second diver. unfortunately he had been suspended at the time and was found to have a fractured neck. he was airlifted to the hospital, where an mri was ordered. the next day he was transferred to the va hospital. he died following surgery on january 16. after being informed of the divers death he expressed remorse and described the divers as good people.

the search and recovery was directed by john harrington, chief salvage officer for p&c deep sea salvage. since the dive team was working mostly against the clock, it was decided that the normal post recovery method of the divers working on a sea floor cable, trimming the cable off with a small oxyacetylene cutting torch, would not work. in addition it would be slow, requiring about half an hour for the divers to free the cable, trim the cable off, and return to the search area. the decision was made to release the cable and reattach it by the divers themselves.

the site where the divers worked is by the southern farallon bank in the us navy conflict in the seatm offshore test and training range. the coordinates were located during an in-situ profile at 1731 by u.s. coast guard. the area lies 755 feet southeast of the site of the original search. it is also approximately 2.4 miles from the center of the wreck.


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