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Chillar Party Of Love Full Movie Downloadl

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Karna gets stuck in Arya's words and leaves on bike to another place. Karna decides to sell the car which he and his friends bought in the first year and give the money for the sex worker's child's education. In his trip Karna learns that he is in love with Arya. He goes back to college. It was his final day in college. Karna writes two letters one to Arya and another one to Principal stating that he and his friends locked him in the car and blamed his other friends. In Arya's letter he writes that he loves her and wants to be with her. Karna and his friends get back together forming the same bond as first year. Principal forgives Karna and his friends without reading the letter. In the send off party Arya comes with the letter and tells Karna that he is really good human being and he accepted his mistake and asks him to give the letter to the Principal not to her. Everyone gets shocked and Karna realizes that he swapped the letter. Principal reads the letter and gets to know that Karna loves Arya, his daughter. In the end principal shouts at Karna.

Gippi: A 14-year-old fun loving girl in Shimla, Gippi lives with her mother and brother. The story of how she deals with common teenage problems and the physical, emotional and social changes adolescence brings with it is what this movie is about. It will inspire kids to love themselves for who they are and be happy in their own little world without striving to live like someone else. 1e1e36bf2d


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