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Ashot Vorobyov
Ashot Vorobyov

Physical Biology Of The Cell: A Review Of The Book And Its Solutions Manual ~UPD~

Physical biology is a branch of science that applies the principles and methods of physics to understand biological phenomena at the molecular and cellular levels. It is an interdisciplinary field that bridges the gap between physics and biology, and provides new insights and tools for studying the structure and function of living systems. In this article, we will review a textbook and a solutions manual that introduce the concepts and applications of physical biology to undergraduate students. The textbook is called Physical Biology of the Cell, and it was written by Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev, Julie Theriot, and Hernan Garcia. The solutions manual contains detailed answers to the problems in the textbook, as well as additional problems and MATLAB code.

Physical Biology of the Cell: A Review of the Book and Its Solutions Manual



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