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Where To Buy Exterior Shutters


Timberlane has a wide array of customization options to make your shutters truly personal. Add finishing touches like copper capping, beading detail, cut-outs, and more, to make your shutters one-of-a-kind.

There are five types of exterior shutters: louvered, raised panel, flat panel, board and batten, and bahama and bermuda. When choosing which type of exterior shutter your home should have, consider factors like proper size, preferred style, security, or protection from the elements.

Bahama & Bermuda: Bahama shutters are louvered shutters that are fixed to the top of the window instead of the side. These are typically used in tropical areas to protect windows from storms and wind debris. They also shade rooms from direct sunlight and strong winds.

Flat Panel: Also called shaker shutters, these have flat, solid panels. They are great for blocking out bad weather and bright lights. Regarding style, they work well with any home, but are popularly found on country-cottage and modern homes.

Composite Wood: Also called faux wood, this material has a wood-like feel, while requiring much less maintenance than real wood. Composite wood is a great option for very tall or wide shutters because it has high durability and stiffness. This also costs less than regular wood and comes in a variety of styles.

One of the easiest ways to add instant curb appeal to your house is with the installation of custom exterior shutters. This simple weekend project will instantly enhance the appeal of existing homes and new construction alike. The addition of exterior shutters produces depth and color that brings focus to outside windows. Multiple styles are available to customize your design.

Outdoor louvered shutters are the most versatile and therefore the most widely employed. They add depth, texture, and symmetry to any façade, using angled horizontal louvers equally spaced and secured between the side stiles. When installed with functional outdoor hardware and closed over the window, wood louvered shutters allow air transfer through the slats. Limited space between louvers does make this style of shutter the most difficult to prime, sand, and paint.

Raised panel shutters incorporate solid tapered panels that lock between the stiles and rails. These rigid custom exterior shutters provide a structured appearance that is desirable on many homes. The raised panel style is favored in many regions along the East Coast, but is certainly not limited to that region. Outside raised panel shutters positioned over the window can give moderate storm protection or room-darkening privacy. Add a star, heart, sailboat, or tree cutout for a unique personalized result.

Shaker panel shutters are constructed the same way as the raised panel style, replacing the insert with a perforated section. This craftsman design simulates the vertical planks of the popular board and batten structure with the addition of surrounding stiles and rails. Solid panels are considerably easier to finish than louvered shutters. A similar contemporary flat panel shutter can also be supplied.

Combination shutters merge the louvered and raised panel styles, separated with a divider rail. The most common configuration utilizes louvers on top with a solid panel below. However, this can be reversed or combined with a grooved panel.

Board and batten shutters are simple in composition and construction. The rustic construction utilizes vertical boards joined with horizontal battens. The board and batten style fits logically on a country farmhouse, but also can be installed on a contemporary dwelling for a surprising juxtaposition. Modifications to the configuration, including additional battens or space between boards, can be requested.

Tropical Bahama shutters utilize specialized hinges that attach to the top of the window opening. The outdoor panels then extend away from the house at the bottom to shade windows from extreme sunlight in coastal climates. The custom exterior shutters use fixed


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