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Cg Monster Park

There are many digital creatures in "Van Helsing," director Stephen Sommers' campy 2004 tribute to the classic Universal monsters. Many of them look good for the time. Some even hold up now. When allocating resources for a monster mashup like this one, however, it makes sense to put the lion's share into the main event players: Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolf Man. The star of the opening act, Mr. Hyde, doesn't fare quite so well. As Below the Line put it, "budgetary and strategic determinations meant that some characters would be totally digital."

Cg Monster Park

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Working at the bar aggravates Gloria's alcohol problem. After each shift, she drinks with Oscar and his friends, Garth and Joel, until morning, then sleeps it off in her nearly empty childhood home. At the same time, a giant reptilian monster appears in Seoul, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Gloria realizes when she walks through a local playground at exactly 8:05 am, she causes the monster to manifest and can remotely control it.

Gloria shares her discovery with Oscar and his friends by dancing in the playground while they watch a newsfeed of the monster mimicking her movements. When a helicopter launches a missile at the monster, causing Gloria pain, and prompting her to lash out and destroy the helicopter, killing the pilots on board. Horrified at what she has just done, she panics and collapses, causing widespread destruction. She awakens to find that a delighted Oscar also manifested in Seoul, but as a giant robot. She tries to make amends by having the monster spell out an apology in Korean, to the delight of the South Korean people and media. She begins to avoid both the playground and alcohol.

A flashback reveals Gloria made a paper diorama of Seoul as a school project. When it is blown into what would later become the playground, Oscar retrieves it but, jealous that it is better than his, smashes it. Gloria's anger triggers lightning that strikes them, Oscar's toy robot, and her toy reptilian monster. Back in the present, Gloria recognizes that Oscar's manipulative behavior arises from his self hatred at never having amounted to anything, and that the robot manifests as his way of making himself feel important. She resolves to leave town with Tim.

Gloria and Oscar race for the playground. She arrives first and attempts to fight him, but he incapacitates her and destroys a large portion of Seoul, killing many people. He says Gloria is free to leave if she wishes, but every morning she remains absent, he'll take a walk through the playground. She resolves to leave and flies to South Korea. Gloria apologizes over the phone to Tim for not going with him, but insists she owes him no explanations as he had ended their relationship. At 8:05 am in the US, Oscar follows through on his threat and makes the giant robot manifest in Seoul. Gloria walks towards it in Seoul, making her monster appear at the playground back home. Her monster catches Oscar and flings him far over the horizon, causing the robot to disappear.

Principal photography on the film also began in Vancouver on October 18, 2015,[10][11][12] and ended on November 25, 2015.[13] No motion captured footage was used for the creation of the monster; rather, footage of Hathaway acting out her parts was given to the CG team, who used this as reference points.[14] The CG artists, as opposed to Vigalondo, were responsible for the look of the monster itself. Vigalondo stated that this was partly due to his lack of artistic skill and partly due to him "[wanting] them to feel like characters that felt like a part of the genre we're playing with".[14]


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