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Where To Buy Coney Island Hard Root Beer Near Me

The brewery was purchased by Boston Beer Co. when the company purchased Shmaltz Brewing Company in 2013.[2] The company ceased production of its hard root beer, hard ginger ale, and hard orange cream ale in 2018, choosing to focus on craft beer. Its flagship line of Mermaid Pilsner, Merman NY IPA, and Beach Beer is available in thirteen states.[3]

where to buy coney island hard root beer near me

Hard root beers undergo secondary fermentation with added yeast. It is left at room temperature for two weeks and refrigerated for three more days. Luckily, there are hard root beer recipes so you can make your own at home.

Until recently. Hard root beer has resurfaced this year, drifting on both the trend of craft beer and the American vintage aesthetic (those omnipresent Edison bulbs). Before it, there was hard lemonade (marketed to fun loving, new-to-drinking barely legals), which replaced glow-stick-colored wine coolers. Then hard cider, Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas, plus rosé, and now there are aisles of anything-but-an-IPA please, for those intimidated or just not in the mood for craft beer. But these boozy root beers are blowing all of those alt-candy-beers out of the 5.6% ABV water.

7. The beverage can be purchased locally. Since hard root beer hit the market, vendors have been bringing it into stores like Hy-Vee, and it available on tap at places like The High Life Lounge. Check your local bar or Hy-Vee wine and spirits to find the brands offered.

According to recent IRI data, hard root beer has grabbed sizeable share of the craft beer segment, ranging from 3-4%, in cities in the Midwest. Multiply that out, and it is easy to see that there is some serious growth potential for this category.

Like hard root beer, there are many recipes floating around the Internet for making hard ginger beer at home that range from simple to complicated. Typical alcohol content ranges between 5 and 9% ABV, making this an easy beverage for homebrewers to make. The key, as in making any hard soda-like product, is providing the proper sugar source for the yeast to fully consume. This ensures that as the yeast feeds on the sugar source, enough alcohol is produced.

In response to the craze for hard soda, Big Boss recently released a limited Root Beer Stout, an attempt to evoke the same nostalgic flavors sans the sugary overload. When Big Boss co-owner Geoff Lamb suggested a root beer-based beer, Wynn was reluctant, but head brewer Bobby McInerny took the lead.

And, of course, competitors have quickly followed. The Boston Beer Co., released Coney Island Hard Root Beer in July of 2015, and Anheuser-Busch has just released a 5.5. percent hard root beer called Best Damn Root Beer. 041b061a72


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