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Colony Survival V0.2.2 Repack

Colony Survival V0.2.2 Repack >

Colony Survival V0.2.2 Repack

Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack: A unique first-person strategy game

Colony Survival is a game that lets you build your own colony in a voxel world, command various colonists to do different jobs, and defend your colony from monsters that attack every night. The game was developed by a two-man team and has been updated regularly with new features and content.

In this article, we will review the Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack, which is a compressed version of the game that includes all the updates and fixes up to version 0.2.2. This repack is easy to install and play, and does not require any additional downloads or patches.

What's new in Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack

The Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack includes several improvements and additions to the game, such as:

Dynamic 3D pathfinding for both colonists and monsters, allowing them to navigate bridges, tunnels, stairs, overpasses and underpasses.

An extensive science system that unlocks new jobs, blocks, upgrades and weapons for your colony.

A glider and a colony starter kit that enable you to explore and settle new lands with different biomes and resources.

A co-op mode that lets you launch a server from the main menu and invite friends to join your world.

Extensive mod support that allows you to customize your experience with various mods created by the community.

How to install Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack

To install Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack, you need to follow these simple steps:

Download the repack from one of the links below.

Extract the zip file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions.

Play the game from the desktop shortcut or the game folder.

Where to download Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack

You can download Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack from one of these sources:

RepackLab: This site offers a fast and secure download of the repack, with no ads or surveys.

Nexus-Games: This site provides a detailed description of the game and its features, along with a direct download link of the repack.

Ko-fi: This site allows you to support the creator of the repack with a donation, and get access to the download link of the repack.


Colony Survival is a fun and challenging game that combines elements of strategy, simulation and survival in a voxel world. The Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack is a convenient way to enjoy the game with all its updates and fixes, without having to worry about downloading or patching anything else. If you are looking for a unique and immersive game that you can play solo or with friends, you should give Colony Survival v0.2.2 repack a try! a474f39169


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