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Spy Fox Operation MilkShake

One of Mansour's newest additions is Burger Joint, a slick shop serving up respectable burgers and milkshakes to a soundtrack that includes Frank Sinatra. It is the creation of VQ Investment Group, a firm with operations in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

Spy Fox Operation MilkShake

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Burger Joint's servers had to give up the iPads they originally used to take orders because the Internet kept cutting out, he said. Finding foreign ingredients such as Heinz ketchup and year-round supplies of lettuce is also tricky, and many customers need help understanding foreign menu items like milkshakes and cookies.

The JFK files also suggest Giancana launched his own anti-Castro operation with another Chicago mobster under his command, Richard Cain. A defrocked Chicago cop who spoke Spanish, Cain claimed to have smuggled himself into Cuba in another failed bid to murder Castro. Like a good double agent, Cain also volunteered with the CIA to spy on Cuban exiles living in Chicago.

T-Pain mixes a beer-and-ice cream cocktail Watch VideoThe Grammy-winning performer, whose hits include "Bartender" and "Blame It (On The Alcohol)," now has a book of cocktail recipes: "Can I Mix You a Drink? 50 Cocktails From My Life & Career." "Sunday Morning" contributor Kelefa Sanneh sits down with T-Pain, who mixes up a "5 O'Clock" (what he calls "a grown-up milkshake") and talks about his inspirations for libations.

MEDIA: "Countdown bin Laden" - Obama's pursuit of the 9/11 mastermind Watch VideoCBS News' John Dickerson sits down with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, author of "Countdown bin Laden," to discuss the raid on the al Qaeda leader's compound, and President Obama's decision to go forward with the Navy SEAL operation that had a high possibility of failure.

GOVERNMENT: Behind the Secret Service's veil of secrecy Watch VideoSince the assassination of JFK, the United States Secret Service has stepped up its mission to protect the president and others. But as outlined in a new book, "Zero Fail," the USSS is an agency reluctant to examine its operational failures which, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Leonnig says, jeopardizes the Secret Service's mission. Correspondent Jim Axelrod talks with Leonnig; former agent Jonathan Wackrow, who served 14 years with the Secret Service; and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, about the challenges facing the Service, including a major one: transparency.

Michael Keaton is a sensational Kroc, who begins the film selling milkshake blenders with not much success. In a sleazy way, he's very likeable. He's devoted to the gospel of Norman Vincent Peale. He hustles like mad. And when he spiels, he evokes his manic, supernatural salesman, Beetlejuice. Kroc is so intrigued by an order from McDonald's for multiple milkshake machines that he drives thousands of miles to observe the brothers' operation. Then he has to sell them on turning their restaurant into a national chain.

Eventually, Kroc meets the wife of a McDonald's franchisee named Joan, played with glittering eyes by Linda Cardellini, who sells him on a powdered milkshake as a way of eliminating energy-sucking ice cream freezers. Kroc pitches the product on the phone to Dick, the master architect of the McDonald's assembly line, played by Nick Offerman.

KEATON: (As Ray Kroc) Two words - powdered milkshake. I'm telling you, I came across a remarkable product called INST-A-MIX. Like I say, it's a powdered milkshake. It's a fraction of the cost of ice cream and requires no refrigeration. 350c69d7ab


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